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Big Parties and Events in Toronto 2018

Last year moved quickly and 2018 in Toronto has already a plenty of options to ring. The upcoming range of events has been selected for a variety of interests. If you want the ball to drop while you are laughing it up at a stand up show, or watching firecrackers in an event, then it is has been fully covered.

Outdoor events

  • Party at Nathan Phillips Square:

    The Toronto City’s NYE Party (official) is at Nathan Phillips Square. It is a night of live music featuring electro-pop artist, dancehall sensations Anishnaabe as well as Bonjay. In addition to this, the DJ sets from Nino Brown as well as Classic Roots come with the special visuals by Roxanne Luchak. The entire event culminates with a fireworks display.

  • Nathan Phillips Square

  • Run 5K in Liberty Village:

    The 5K Run has become a tradition in the Liberty Village Park and after the race is finished, celebrations of the new year with a party featuring both fireworks and food. The individuals who have participated receive a swag bag, a complimentary beer, as well as the finishers medal.
    Liberty Village

Entertainment and arts

  • Comedy Show at Massey Hall:

    The comic and legendary actors Robert Klein hosts this year’s annual comedy extravaganza at Massey Hall. The line up also includes the headliner Rob Bebenek, Pete Johanssen, Maggie Cassella, Michael Moses, Shanon Laverty, and Tyler Morrisson.

  • Comedy Show at Massey Hall

  • The Big Lebowski at Hot Docs:

    Walter, Danny, Dude, and their gang are back for the cult classic “The Big Lebowski”. In its consecutive 6th year, the whole event includes a White Russian express bar including a big screen countdown at midnight.
    The Big Lebowski at Hot Docs

  • New Year’s Eve party at Ripley’s:

    The Ripley’s Aquarium hosts its 1st ever new year’s eve party with honors by Daniel et Daniel. The music by DJ Shamz as well as bars located throughout the gallery. The tickets are ninety dollars for the 19th event that also includes coat check, one drink ticket, and a pic at the Ripley’s Photo Port.

  • Comedy show on the new year’s eve special at CAA theatre:

    In the battle-style comedy at the CAA Theatre Auld Lang Syne will be thrown out of the window. The stand up comics will roast each other’s country of origin,city, neighborhood, or school. The heated line up of battle also include West vs East Toronto, York, vs the university of Toronto, China vs Iran, Mississauga vs Oshawa.
    new year’s eve special at CAA theatre

Themed restaurants and lounge

  • Party at Drake’s:

    For those who lean mostly to stay at home vibe, the drake hotel has all the comforts identical to a living room. Bring up the toast to this new year, just chill to the acoustic vibes from Kayo including the dance tunes from Boosie Fade.

  • The Eve King Street Club Crawl:

    Why should you limit yourselves with only one nightclub when you can enjoy at four? A VIP wristband will get you absolutely free entry, shuttle service, to Bloke, Nightclub, Buonanotte, spice route including the first line of access.
    The Eve King Street Club Crawl

How to Choose Best Party Rental Company in Toronto

Whether you are hosting a party, outdoor or indoor, there are many things that are indispensable, such as barbecue ovens, catering equipments, cutlery, dishes, glassware, and the list goes on. Your party can never rock without the help of a professional party rental service provider. Interestingly, choosing the best party rental company in Toronto is a challenge and there are some points that you need to consider when finalizing anything.

Nonetheless, before you dwell on this, it will be good to have a look at the benefits of these rental services.

Advantages of hiring Party Rental Company

There are many benefits of party rental service. However, here only two are mentioned, but these two surpass all the other advantages. These are:

Gives a Professional Touch

When you hire a party rental service company, then your work is handled in a professional way. Everything is more organized and the event is managed in a skilled manner. From staging and dance floors to the placement of furniture and tables, all the work is planned beforehand. This planning and its execution make your event special from all corners.

Budget Friendly

When you select a highly reputed and competent party rental company, then you do not need to worry about the money. These companies plan the event, according to your budget and make it affordable to you in every sense. They provide you the party rental packages that save huge amount of your money. Strikingly, you may also avail attractive discounts and other offers from a party rental company that not only makes your event budget-friendly, but also memorable.

Excellent Cutlery Options

Now, you may have understood why to select a party rental company, but the main question still remains intact, “How to choose it?”

When you are looking for the best party rental company in Toronto, then there are a few points that you need to consider. This way you will be able to make a prudent decision.

Define Your Budget

You need to be clear with the amount of money that you can spend comfortably on the event. You do not want to add an extra pressure on yourself after the party then the best way is to allocate the budget for the party.

Do Some Homework

If you want your party to be a success, then you need to know your guest count. Make a list of your guests and how many you expect will turn out. Once you are done with this, then you can take an estimate of cost from the party service provider that you are hiring.

Compare the Cost of the Services

Comparison always help you in making correct decisions, so why to avoid it here. Make a list of party rental companies in Toronto and then contact all these and learn about their party package. After this, you must compare all the party rental services. Choose the one that provides you the best offer.

Look for Custom Features

You must also search for companies that offer you customized party plan. You do not want your party to have the same look like the ones thrown by your friends. You want to give your party a unique touch and the essence of your personality, then you must get it bespoke. Ask your party rental service provider to add elements to your party tents that enhances the mood and comfort level of your guests.

Understand all the Policies

This is the most important point that you must never ignore while selecting a party rental company. Learn their policies and what happens if things do not meet your expectation or falls apart. You must also make sure that the company you are hiring has no hidden costs that get unveiled after the party wraps up.

In Toronto, you may find innumerable party rental companies such as Event Rental Group, Higgins Event Rentals, D&D Party Rentals, Chair-man Mills and many more. All these are good companies, but when it comes to the best party rental company in Toronto, then AS Special Events is your choice. We make your event special with our party packages and offers. Call us and we will deliver you the best party rental service.

Best wedding ideas for 2018

So you are getting married! The excitement and fun of planning the wedding makes the event more memorable. There are so many questions that crop up. Whether to hire the services of a planner or not? What kind of a wedding rental to choose? How many guests to invite? And so on!

Although planning the wedding is exciting, it is a good idea to prepare a comprehensive list so that you do not miss out any essential aspect.

For planning a wedding, you need to first of all decide a budget. Once you have set aside a budget, you can plan your event so that it is aligned to it. The next important aspect is to decide the venue. Before selection of the venue you need to finalize your guest list. The venue needs to be booked well in advance so that you don’t miss out on it. While planning the wedding it is necessary to bear in mind the current trends in the wedding scene.

Let me guide you through what is trending in 2018 so that you can have a wedding people will always remember!

Formal weddings are in

In 2018, couples are opting for classic tuxedos, and neat floral arrangements instead of elaborate ones.

Navy Blue is replacing Black

Black, which was the staple color for formal weddings, has been replaced by navy blue. Wedding invitations now have letter impressed in midnight blue. Navy blue tuxedos are in for the grooms!

Dusty shades are in

While grooms dress up in navy blues, the trending colors for brides are dusty rose, dusty blues, mauve.

Return of Silver and Chrome

Yellow metals such as gold, brass, and rose gold do not have a role in the 2018 weddings. Silver and Chrome, the colors of the 70s are the metals trending this year.

Minimum flowers on tables

2018 weddings have floral arrangements suspended from the ceiling rather than elaborate arrangements on tables. There are small vases with few flowers kept as centre pieces on tables.

Wedding Rentals Toronto

Providing an incredible experience to guests

As per the current trend, weddings are no longer focused on couples alone. The entire event is organized to make it memorable for all the guests as well. When a wedding is planned, due attention is given to the music, menu, dance and other activities. There is a popular trend of setting up a photo booth with exotic background for guests to get themselves photographed.

Plan a Unique Menu

Adding a personal touch to the menu sets your event apart. Your guests are bored of similar food items being served at weddings. Why not plan a menu with your caterers that reflects your personal tastes? The trend is to go heavy on desserts. Offer a wide variety of desserts to your guests.

Coming to the wedding venue

Selection of a venue is based on


It should be large enough to comfortably accommodate all the guests. There should be enough space for dining, dancing, and other activities.


The location of the venue should be such that the guests can easily reach it. There should be sufficient parking at the venue.


Since a wedding entails multiple expenses, do not go overboard with the rental for your venue. Try to choose the wedding rental within your budget.


Based on the weather, you can decide to choose an outdoor or an indoor venue. For outdoor venues, you have the option of choosing canopies and tents if required.

You will need a lot of equipment such as dishes, utensils, furniture and others for organizing the event. Your one stop solution for all your event needs is AS SPECIAL EVENTS. We have a wide range of products that can be rented at affordable rates. You can rent serving utensils, punch bowls, tables, dishes, glassware, lounge furniture to name a few from us.

Go ahead and enjoy an incredible wedding by availing our wedding rental services!

Top Party Rental Tips in Toronto

Throwing a successful party can be a difficult thing to manage alone. There is so much that one needs to take care of that often one or the other things gets overlooked; therefore, sabotaging the party impression. For a task as mammoth as planning and organizing a good party, outsourcing some of the work can be of great help. Fortunately, many party rentals in Toronto can assist you in delivering the major pieces for your party.

Here are the top essentials you need to throw that blowout bash:

Furniture – Many party rentals in Toronto have included pieces of furniture, such as couches, armchairs, coffee tables, dance floors and stages at both indoor and outdoor events. You have to carefully choose your furniture to go with the theme of the party and create a visually appealing atmosphere by mixing and matching different tones and textures. You also have to bear in mind the size of your decided venue before choosing the right furniture.

Tenting – Good tenting creates a comforting and relaxed mood for a party. Often used as shelter from heat, rain, and the wind, choosing the right tent according to your preference can be a daunting task. You must ask relevant questions regarding the features of the tent before finalizing the one. For example, how many people can it incorporate, how much does it weigh, is it difficult to carry around, etc. Asking all these questions will help you strike the right deal that goes with the tone of your event.

Tables – Table rentals range from cocktail tables to common ones. For formal, seated events, a large round or rectangle table is ideal. For corporate meetings, cocktail tables will encourage mingling between the officials. Communal tables and benches can be used for casual events. A floor plan of the chosen venue will help you design the table set-ups.

Chairs – Selecting the right set of chairs to complement your table set is also important in creating that unique tone for the event. You can choose to go with the traditional, benches for Harvest tables and bar stools for cocktail tables, or experiment by mixing and matching, according to the party theme and your visual taste.

Linen – Linen is the one item that directly reflects the theme of the event because of its ability to create mood through colors, patterns, and texture. Apart from these things, the material of the linen should also be taken into consideration. For example, Poly-cotton linens can go with barbecue parties, and lamour tablecloths and napkins can go with corporate holiday events.


Apart from providing visually appealing items, party rentals in Toronto are also an excellent way to minimize the expenses for your event as going out to buying the various items can cost a fortune. They give valuable advice and expertise about creating the tone, texture, and mood for your party; be it a retirement celebration, your child’s birthday bash or a casual company meeting.

Top 5 tips to Plan for a Perfect Wedding Date

Marriage is a special moment for every person in their life, when you are planning to get married, then there are many things to think about and to plan perfectly for every best moment. What colors do you want the bridesmaids to wear, types of dress to wear to the wedding and the tents, decoration, venue and all other things?. Apart from all these, the crucial thing is what is your wedding day? When it come things that will be struck and make our mind to think about it when you are choosing your wedding date.

Some of them need not to be neglected while picking the wedding date are:

1. Budget:

This is the major thing that makes everyone to think of it. According to the time of year you are planning to get married, the prices may going to be expensive.

These are the few things that can help you save money.

  • June weddings are more expensive than November
  • If you have low money thinking about getting married when it’s not as popular
  • Plan in other days, rather than Saturday

2. Season:

The season also an important thing that is to be considered while planning to get married. If you are planning to get married inside or outside. The season that you want to marry will be determined according to the type of wedding you are looking to have.

3. Scheduling:

Every couple wants to go for the honeymoon after they get married, so you need to make sure that you are able to get the time off from your work or business and they should not be disturbed. Think about the time of job that you and your loved one have and it is better to avoid getting married during that time.

4. Destination

While you are thinking of a destination you have to think about the type of climate and place you are planning to have your wedding. So if you plan your wedding outdoor choose the best place where you can have a comfortable wedding even in some uncomfortable climatic conditions.

5. Venue Availability

One thing that you want to consider while selecting the venue that you want to use for your reception is to consider their schedule whether it is available or not. Keep in mind that some venues will book their weddings from 12- 18 months beforehand and not all venues are as strict.

These are the things that need to consider while choosing your wedding date, these will help you with figuring a perfect wedding date and take everything considered, and these tips will maximum help you with avoiding most of the problems and you will find out your wedding is a lot less stress fulfill.

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